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Excel Stress Coolyx with ClarifLy

A free choice lick tub with fly control to supply organic and inorganic trace minerals to show cattle, beef cattle on pasture.

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Testimonials

Check out how these Ful-O-Pep customer’s from the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo used Excel Show Feed to get to the ring.

Equine Tips

Van Hargis

Van Hargis has been called one of today’s most versatile horsemen, a designation that reflects a lifetime devoted to learning-and communicating-the elements of superior horsemanship as applied in a variety of disciplines.

Van Hargis Horsemanship

Van Hargis Visits Ful-O-Pep

Van Hargis visits our plant where we discuss the origins of the Ful-O-Pep brand, the advantages of purchasing from a local and regional feed supplier, and why Ful-O-Pep feeds yield positive results in performance and in the health of his horses.

Greg Gossett | CRYSTALYX®

Learn how Greg from Ful-O-Pep Feeds, based in Cuero, Texas, is using Crystalyx to help manage consumption and cost per head per day.

Dennis Jemelka | Biozyme

Learn how Ful-O-Pep Feeds, based in Cuero, Texas, is helping commercial beef producers improve performance in their herds with Amaferm.

Scott Snedecor | Ful-O-Pep

Four-time world champion steer roper, Scott Snedecor, endorses Ful-O-Pep feed.

Dan Wendt | CRYSTALYX®

Dan Wendt of Wendt Ranches in Bay City, TX talks about the weatherability of CRYSTALYX® products and how Crystal Phos® mineral has helped his cattle.

Dr. Greg Pollard

Texas State University – Animal Nutritionist

Differentiators vs Other Products on the Market

Macro Ingredients

Premix Package Benefits

Ful-O-Pep: Premium Horse Feeds


Excel Stress Coolyx with Clarify

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